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Drag and drop an attachment onto a session
Let your testing story unfold. Share every discovery

Give your testing notes structure. Define a goal, set a timer, attach screenshots and GIFs and easily categorise your discoveries! Oh, and then simply share all that with your colleagues.

Drag and drop an attachment onto a session
Answer your most important questions at a glance

What charters have I planned? What should I run next? Is someone else's session ready to debrief? I'm a little lost, what the heck is happening right now?

Feature by feature

Built for your goals, your team and your product development

Goals and missions

Capture a simple goal or mission for every test session. Start each session with intent.


Add screenshots and GIFs with a simple drag and drop.

Timers and timestamps

Easily time box your session and enjoy valuable context with auto timestamps.


Plan sessions in advance or on the fly. Capture essential information like heuristics and oracles.


Enjoy a spacious canvas to write your exploration notes. Document a great testing story.


Engage your audience with a handy editable summary section. Ready when you finish exploring.


With a simple session status you know what’s happening and what you can do next.


Easily categorise your discoveries into problems, questions, ideas and praise.


Share your sessions via email or PDF. Collaborate on your discoveries with your team and clients.

Session filter

Reduce information overload with one-click session filters. Help yourself defocus and focus.

Keyboard shortcuts

Rapidly navigate and add items to your session via multiple keyboard shortcuts.


Spend more time capturing and less time tidying your notes. Use Markdown to effortlessly format with the minimum of fuss.

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